Sales and Marketing Lab in Tallinn

The Sales and Marketing Lab 2018 took place from the 26th until the 30th of November.

The goal of the Sales and Marketing Lab was to give the EGF participants the final boost to their pitching skills and project presentations and help them to gain knowledge and confidence to take the next steps to the big industry – whether applying for co-production markets, gaining financing, attracting a sales agent or a digital distribution platform.

Crucial part of the last session of EGF was developing the presentation and pitching skills. Under the supervision of acclaimed pitching coach Sibylle Kurz, the participants spent the whole day fine tuning and rehearsing their pitches to gain confidence and clarity for their personas and projects to stand out. Sibylle Kurz is working with several European training programmes, including EAVE and Torino Lab. The sessions also integrate understanding of the needs of the target audience and adjusting the presentation accordingly. One-on-one sessions are tailored to address the specific needs of producers and projects while emphasizing everyone’s personal style and strengths.

The subjects of second and third day of the Lab were marketing, public relations and sales in their various aspects. Mitch Mallon (Stadium Media) provided insight into the monetization of the film on global and always dynamic digital platforms. From the perspective of social media platforms, John Heinsen empasized the process of building up communities from the very early stage of project. The methods and steps of releasing and marketing on self-publishing platforms were covered by Anton Romalijskij (Kew Media).

Scandinavian sales agent Debra Liang (Level K) and festival director Mike Hostench (Sitges FF) discussed the role of established distribution patterns and the role of festivals. Michael Arnold (WOLF Consultants) provided detailed insight into the packaging and expectations towards marketing materials. For the first projects, public support is crucial in Europe. Based on his own decades long experience, Katriel Schory from Israel Film Fund shared his thoughts about working with first projects from the perspective of a funder. A Spanish director and film teacher Miguel Llanso explained long trajectory of his low budget fantasy film project, an Spanish-Estonian- Ethopian coproduction that used both crowd-funding and public support.

The highlight and the final step for EGF journey was the final pitch on 29th of November to the attending festival and industry professionals. For the first time, the pitching sessions of Tallinn Industry training programmes were scheduled as one event and attracted wide audience of professionals attending the Black Nights Film Festival. The participants also gained knowledge about the Estonian funding schemes.

Being part of Tallinn Industry market, the EGF participants could arrange direct meetings with the professionals, contact Estonian producers and film funds. After Tallinn Lab, eight projects of European Genre Forum are ready to start the adventure.


Mentors of EGF 2018

Michael Arnold, WOLF Consultants

John Heinsen

Mike Hostench, Sitges Film Festival

Sibylle Kurz

Debra Liang, Level K

Miguel Llanso, Lanzadero Films

Mitch Mallon, Stadium Media

Anton Romalijskij, Kew Media

Katriel Schory, Israel Film Fund