Sales and Marketing Lab in Tallinn

The Sales and Marketing Lab of EGF 2019 took place from 26th to 29th of November during the Industry@Tallinn of Black Nights Film Festival.

The teams from Croatia, Cyprus, France, Poland, Serbia, Switzerland and UK introduced their projects to the film industry. The goal of the Sales and Marketing Lab was to give the EGF participants the final boost to their pitching skills and project presentations and help them to gain knowledge and confidence to take the next steps to the big industry – whether applying for co-production markets, gaining financing, attracting a sales agent or a digital distribution platform.

Crucial part of the final lab of EGF was developing the presentation and pitching skills. Under the supervision of pitching coaches Helene Granqvist and Valeria Richter, the participants were fine tuning and rehearsing their pitches to gain confidence and clarity to stand out. The sessions also integrate understanding of the needs of the target audience and adjusting the presentation accordingly.

The second and third day of the Lab were dedicated to case studies, marketing and sales. Ramona Sehr gave an insight into ARRI Media’s expectations towards the genre films and work with the titles they represent. Georgia Mouton Lorenzo from sales company Stray Dogs discussed various options of distribution. As an alternative model, Miguel Llanso of Lanzadera Films discussed the DYI-approach of financing, production and distribution of his sci-fi fantasy film, shot in four countries. Eduardo Panizzo (Coffee & Cigarettes) explained the nuts and bolts of packaging the project and expectations towards marketing materials. For the first projects, public support is crucial in Europe. Based on his own decades long experience in Israel Film Fund, Katriel Schory shared his thoughts about working with first projects from the perspective of public support.

The final step of EGF journey was the public pitch on 28h of November to the festival and industry guests. The event draw a wide audience of professionals attending the Black Nights Film Festival.

During three days, the EGF participants could arrange one-on-one meetings with the local and international producers, distributors and film funds. While Tallinn Lab was closing the EGF training cycle of 2019, we hope it will help opening the door to new European genre talent.

Mentors of EGF 2019

Helene Granqvist & Valeria Richter

Ramona Sehr, ARRI Media

Eduardo Panizzo, Coffee & Cigarettes

Georgia Mouton Lorenzo, Stray Dogs

Miguel Llanso, Lanzadero Films

Katriel Schory

EGF Tallinn Lab was supported by ARRI Media