Zagreb • Amsterdam • Tallinn

Screenwriting and Directing Lab @ Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival (Zagreb), on-line August 24th to 26th, 2022
Script Lab @ Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival (Zagreb), on-line September 29th and 30th, 2022
Producing Lab @ Imagine Film Festival (Amsterdam), in-person October 30th to November 2nd, 2022
Marketing and Packaging Lab @ Black Nights Film Festival (Tallinn), in-person November 21st to 23rd, 2022

European Genre Forum is a pan-european project organized by Black Nights Film Festival from Tallinn; Imagine Film Festival from Amsterdam and Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival . The main goal of this international project is to connect young and upcoming European film talents.

The European Genre Forum (EGF) is a training programme that sets to boost the careers of future European players in the genre film industry through four talent labs, packed with trainings, panels mentoring and pitching sessions. The Screenwriting and Directing Lab (Fantastic Zagreb) focuses on script development and other artistic aspects of the projects. The Script Lab (Fantastic Zagreb) is a two-day pressure cooker that follows up on the script development of the first lab. The Producing Lab in October (Imagine Film Festival) is aimed at the business side, with coproduction and legal aspects among its topics. The Marketing and Packaging Lab (Black Nights Film Festival) is focusing on pitching, packaging, marketing and sales.

During these four talent labs, up to eight chosen film projects will be able to discuss their ideas with script consultants, learn about the different aspects of (co-) production, sales and packaging from Industry professionals. Mentoring sessions with established genre filmmakers, crowd funders, legal experts and case studies of recent, successful films complete the programme.

Submissions For European Genre Forum 2022 Are Now Closed! See the selected projects below.


Dima Barch, Director, Writer and Editor
Vladislav Severtsev, Producer
Production company: Undisclosed Majority Ltd (UK)

After the death of a classmate, four ex-friends gather for a reunion of alumni, which, until the mysterious death, did not expect to appear. Each of them has a negative experience with the school, perhaps even a tragedy. Unfortunately, they were the cause of all the tragedies of the past. And five years after parting with childhood, they will meet vengeance.

The True Story Of Earth And Sky

Sebastian Weyland, Producer
Tomas Vengris, Writer and Director
Production company: Heimathafen Film & Media GmbH

A lyrical allegory set in the not-too-distant future, “The True Story Of Earth And Sky” follows Jonas a low-level sever technician working in the Central Baltic power hub, who dreams of some intangible “more.”

Dog of God

Raitis Abele, Producer / Director
Lauris Abele, Director
Kristele Pudane, Producer
Production company: Tritone Studio

A young woman, Neze, 24, is accused of stealing the church relic – straw from the Cradle of Jesus. In order to extract a confession, priest Buckholz and his lame servant Klibis torcher the young woman. The trial is stopped by a strange witness – an old man named Thiess, 82, who claims to be a werewolf or a Dog of God as he calls himself. Thiess states that the church relic has been taken down to the underworld or hell, and he – the werewolf – is the only one who can bring it back. On special occasions, he can turn himself into a wolf and travel down to hell. Werewolves are not evil, they are God’s right hand in fighting against witches and sorcerers. Thiess is given three days to solve the church relic case and save Neze from being burned at stake. The story is based on true events that took place in 17th-century Swedish Livonia.

The Braid

Angelika Abramovitch, Director
Erika Malmgren, Producer
Annika Hellström, Producer
Production company: Cinenic Film

Eleven-year-old Isa has a close connection to her mother Karin, a woman with a dark past and untreated anxieties. When a relative dies, the family must travel to Karin’s childhood home deep in the forests of Dalarna, Northern Sweden – a superstitious place where locals weave lockets of human hair and nail dead birds to their houses to keep the dreaded creature the Mara away. 

For Isa, it is a mysterious and exciting world to explore. But their stay soon becomes a horrific reminder of Karin’s dark past. As her buried trauma surfaces, strange things start to happen around the old house, and Karin becomes increasingly obsessed with hair, lice and cleanliness. 

Is Isa’s mother suffering from a psychosis, or has the Mara taken a hold of the family? Now Isa must face the evil from her mother’s past, or she could fall victim to the same fate that once scarred Karin.

Once Upon a Future in the Balkans

Vanja Sremac, Producer
Predrag Ličina, Scriptwriter and Director
Production company: Terminal 3 

Once Upon a Future in the Balkans is a science fiction comedy with a superheroine named Hrvojka Horvat who has ability to time travel. This political satire is set in the future, in 2061, when the Western Balkan countries are integrated into a puppet state called The Great Montenegro. The protagonist Hrvojka Horvat is using her superpowers to travel back to the past in order to save her country and change the present, that is the future.

The Burden of Fangs

Dusan Sindjic, Producer
Damir Romanov, Director
Production company:Samo Sekund

Serbia, Zarožje village, 18th century. The daughter of the famous Serbian vampire Sava Savanovic, vampiress Martha, gets into major conflict with family’s paterfamilias Sava and makes a decision to leave her bloodthirsty family together with her young son Vuk. Two centuries later we find Marta and Vuk living in contemporary Belgrade pretty well-fitted among humans, but trouble starts when monstrous murders start to happen and all traces lead to our heroes: Martha and Vuk.


Dan Radu Mihai, Writer / director
Livia Radulescu, Producer
Production company: Dash Film

Bogdan, 35, has a super-power: he can block electrical circuits. The phenomenon is generated by a large amount of copper present in Bogdan’s blood and is activated in amplified emotional states. Apparently, he is aware of some anomalies, but has always linked them with a heart condition he was told of in childhood. In time, his own power risks to over-power him, as everyone else in his life secretly protects him.


Momir Milosevic, Writer and Director
Milan Todorovic, Producer

Najdan (28), a now grown-up child of the war-torn 1990s who used to find escapism in amusement park culture, is both traumatized and inspired by his past when he lost his father and fell in love for the first time. A tough but emotionally clustered giant, Najdan works nights and sleeps through apocalyptic summer days of Belgrade’s scorched, noisy asphalt, and the nostalgia of his borderline demented mother Mirjana who he lives alone with. Zvezdana, a bipolar and hopelessly romantic former ballerina with a long-time crush on Najdan, begs him to leave town with her so he can help her track down the traveling fair she desperately wants to become a part of. The third member of the party is Najdan’s frail half-brother Martin, a small-time pusher from the street, regularly beaten up, who wishes his brother kept him safe from harm. Najdan leaves Belgrade with the two, reluctant about returning to his father’s neglected hometown that hosts the fair they’re chasing. The trip will lead Najdan to finally face up to his pathological need to help those in trouble when he re-encounters his first love, now exploited as part of an illegally established freak show.