Sales and Marketing Lab in Tallinn

The Sales and Marketing Lab 2018 will take place from the 26th until the 30th of November and details about it will be published after the lab.

The goal of the Sales and Marketing Lab is to give the EGF participants the final boost to their pitching skills and project presentations and help them to gain knowledge and confidence to take the next steps to the big industry – whether applying for co-production markets, gaining financing, attracting a sales agent or a digital distribution platform.

Sales and Marketing Lab in Tallinn 2017
In 2017, the final lab took place from 24 to 27 November during the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event of the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, kicked off with Art of Pitching lecture by one of Europe’s top and most appreciated pitching coaches – Sibylle Kurz, who has mentored tens of successful filmmakers and collaborates frequently with respected industry events such as the EAVE producer’s training and the Torino Film Lab. The participants t hen spent the whole day fine tuning and rehearsing their pitches with the help of the mentor to gain confidence and clarity for their personas and projects to stand out.

Besides the excitedly received masterclass by Sibylle Kurz, the participants gain new insights by well known industry professionals and experts on sales and marketing and project packaging (Yohann Comte; Co Founder @ Charades; Timo Suomi, Sales & Acquisitions Executive @ Alliance Media Partners), transmedia and cross platform monetization (John Heinsen, Producer @ Watchmojo), digital distribution and VOD monetization (Mitch Mallon, CEO @ Stadium Media), the art and business of remakes (Wonsun Shin, Co-production Consultant @ Hanmac Corporation), and funds and co-production opportunities with Estonia (Evelin Soosaar, producer @ Stellar Films, Liina-Maria Lepik, CEO @ Tallinn Film Wonderland) amongst others. Additionally, teams were mentored on festivals strategy by Sophie Soghomonian (Sales & Acquisitions) from French festival and indie curation powerhouse The Festival Agency.

The highlight and the final step for the first EGF journey was the project’s final pitch on 27th of November to the attending festival and industry professionals which all EGF 2017 teams delivered with high spirits and great success.

In addition to  the EGF teams in Tallinn attended one to one meetings and consultations with selected industry and festival attendees and guests, and enjoyed great parties and the A-class festival atmosphere.

Mentors during EGF2017

  • Sibylle Kurz – CEO & trainer @ Pitching & Communication Skills (Germany)
  • Yohann Comte – Co Founder @ Charade (France)
  • Mitch Mallon – CEO @ Stadium Media (USA)
  • Timo Suomi – Sales & Acquisitions Executive @ Alliance Media Partners (UK)
  • John Heinsen – CEO @ Bunnygraph Entertainment / Producer @ Watchmojo (USA)
  • Wonsun Shin – Co-Production Consultant @ Hanmac Corporation (South Korea)
  • Sophie Soghomonian – Acquisitions & Sales @ The Festival Agency (France)
  • Evelin Soosaar – Founder & Producer @ Stellar Films (Estonia) / financing
  • Liina-Maria Lepik – CEO @ Tallinn Film Wonderland (Estonia) / financing