Full lineup of the EGF 2018 !

BIRDS OF A FEATHER – Dir. Hanna Bergholm (Finland) FINGERNAIL – Dir. Boaz Armoni (Israël) NO MAN’S LAND – Dir. Mel Piper (Germany) SPINNERS – Dir. Ivars Tontegode (Latvia) THE BASE – Dir. Alex Madia Levi (United Kingdom) THE DESCENDANT – Dir. Colinda Bongers (The Netherlands) THE HIKE – Dir. Daniel Rübesam (Germany) THE PLAGUE […]

Full lineup of the EGF 2017 !

Family Dinner – Capra Films (Austria) Hum – Parsley Productions (United Kingdom) The Leprechauns – Causeway Pictures Ltd (United Kingdom) Mindscape – Bruno Isaac (Portugal) Out There – Blue Iris Films (United Kingdom) Striguni – Ziva Productions (Croatia) Thaw – Demeter Films (Spain) The Woolgatherer’s Store – Fast & Loose Productions (The Netherlands)

First wave of selected projects !

The European Genre Forum has selected seven projects to take part in its first training cycle, starting in April this year. Coming from all over Europe, the projects are well spread out geographically. The stories reflect the wide variety of fantastic cinema, from the folk legend of Striguni to the supernatural tragedy of Hum and […]